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If… Or one more mystification about – love…love and sentimental Don Juan

premiere - 11.04.2017  -  15.45

Director - Zurab Kandelaki
Sound - Bako Khvichia
Music - Zurab nadareishvili
Cast: Zurab Kipshidze, Nineli Chankvetadze, Levan Berikashvili, Andria Vachridze.

 If… Or one more mystification about – love…love and sentimental Don Juan

NARRATOR: If… mini radio play with long title and very, very naïve finale, or one more mystification about – love… love and sentimental Don Juan, yes - sentimental Don Juan!

Do you believe it? We will try. Magic of Stanislavsky’s system will help us, if…

So, imagine what would happen if, Don Juan meet Carmen.

Don Juan is sitting in the pub and drinking wine, here is also He’s faithful servant Leporello.

DON JUAN: Do you know why I come to this tavern?

LEPORELLO: No, master!

DON JUAN: It was in this tavern that I first saw her! Here, I sat down, where I’m sitting now. Just as the waiter broght me wine, she came in!… She! Even now I see her, even now I hear her (singing: CARMEN’S SONG IS HEARD) Do you Hear, Leporello?

LEPORELLO: No, I don’t hear anything

DON JUAN: Oh, if youonly knew how much you miss! She was wearing a very short, red skirt which could not cover her white torn stockings and neat laced shoes! Do you hear? She had torn white stockings on! She had removed her mantilla to show her shoulders and the flowers, fixed on her blouse. She held one flower between her teeth and walked like a thoroughbred Cordova mare, swaying her thighs.

LEPORELLO: (LAUGHING) You speak as if you have never seen a woman!

DON JUAN: Oh, you don’t understand anything, Leporello! There was a passionate and at the same severe expression in her eyes that I had not seen before or later in any other woman… Ooh! She was walking like a thoroughbred Cordova mare, swayng her thigs! To my misfortune I wanted to have a rest from women at that time and I didn’t feel anything like what I’m telling you about now… Simply I didn’t betray my habit and gazed at her from afar, but evidently she also felt omething, took out the flower from her mount, smiled at me and threw that flower at me!.. That is I didn’t get anything else from her, though while she was there I couldn’t tear my eyes off her … And do you know, Leporello, why she didn’t pay attention to me?

LEPORELLO: She might have unaware that you were Don Juan!

DON JUAN: No, my good man, no! Even if she had known, still she would not have paid attention to me! Do you know, why? At that time she was in love with another man!.. he was former corporal or a soldier, that smuggler, that uncouth Basque – Don Jose!.. I realized it all later when one fine day I saw her flower in my book of Geometry. I don’t know why I kept it. It musthave been fate! It was at the sight of this withered flower that a feeling woke up in me, the feeling of real love!..

LEPORELLO: My God, again a flower. What does this flower do – a flower to Don Jose, a flower to Wscamilio. To some rotten smuggler also probably a flower! A flower, flower, flower!

DON JUAN: Leporello!!!

NARRATOR: Imagination on how Don Juan planed to kill the bull like Eskamilio.

DON JUAN: (SINGS) “Toreador! Toreador!” What comes next, Leporello? Though no, first roar a bull!!! (LEPORELLO RO ROARS) Toro! Toro! That’s good, I a, listening!

LEPORELLO: I haven’t told you all… Thr gypsies told fortune by cards and Carmen…

DON JUAN: Carmen is beautiful, she is the embodiment of free love! (CONTINUES SINGING) and love is expecting you, love is expecting you.

LEPORELLO: Carmen looked at the card and said – First I’ll die and then he will!

DON JUAN: Who is that “he”? I or Don Jose?

LEPORELLO: I don’t’ know that… She said Don Jose would kill her!

DON JUAN: Leporello, if you want to get your reward and if you don’t want me to get gored, then rush at me like a bull! (LEPORELLO ROARS HARDER) Good! Toro! Toro! Once more, good! (SINGS) love is expecting you…

LEPORELLO: You are mixing killing a wild bull with killing man. I saw a dream. I ask you to believe me. On the pedestal of the Commandor’s monument a bull was standing and when I invited him, he glared at you with his bloody eyes and rushed towards you!.. It would be better if you saved Carmen… You might somehow stop…

DON JUAN: No, my dear, if it is fate as you say, I won’t be able to do anything and even if I follow your advice and stop Carmen by force, she will never forgive me that!.. She is like a bird, isn’t ahe? So come on, Leporello! If I die, I’ll die in love.

NARRATOR: Ah, fate not pleased that Don Juan enjoyed love with Carmen, but let’s use that magical If and let them meet each other in other kingdom, with accompanying sentimental Tango.


CARMEN: I wanted to be there, where the sun shone, where music

dominated, where  people danced...I wanted to have the right of a free

choice...I was a woman....  a free woman...

DON JUAN: Please take this rose from me. True, it is not one thousand

and first, but I humbly beg you to fix it near your heart.

CARMEN: Thank you!

DON JUAN: And still …


NARRATOR: And their love continued very long, long time. But, because we have no more time, we will stop and go directly to the finale, naive finale on what message would send Don Juan to the mankind if He saw contemporary world.


DON JUAN: It is not a way out! (on the background of music) Love and not hatred will save the world! There is still time!

Love and not hatred…


DON JUAN: Love, love, love and not hatred…

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